Weekend Humor: Is This the Funniest Commercial from the 1990s? [VIDEO]

Paul Hair

Sprite was running its “Obey Your Thirst” campaign back in the 1990s. Overall, it was pretty good—at least I thought the commercials produced under this banner were. If not, the campaign at least produced one commercial that was hilarious then and that I have always remembered: the “Sun Fizz” one.

At the time of its release, it was common enough for ads to present a cartoon character coming to life and interacting with people in a pleasant manner. The “Sun Fizz” commercial twisted that idea, and showed how humans would really react if something like that actually did happen in the real world.

Supposedly Spike Jonez directed this ad. I’m not certain this is true but various places on the interwebs (including at the Vimeo page where I found this copy of it) credit it to him. And since I was feeling pretty lazy while writing this, I didn’t bother to verify its accuracy.

Anyway, enjoy it.