‘War’ Shall Now Be Pronounced as Armand Assante Says It in ‘Judge Dredd’ [VIDEO]

Rico Activates the ABC Warrior in Judge Dredd
Rico Activates the ABC Warrior in Judge Dredd

Rico activates the ABC Warrior in Judge Dredd and then goes on a killing rampage targeting Judges in order to frame Judge Dredd.

Paul Hair

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Years ago, I watched the 1995 version of Judge Dredd. I don’t recall a whole lot about it but I guess I didn’t think it was that bad. Then again, to this day I’ve never read a Judge Dredd comic book so I’m entirely unfamiliar with the source material. Anyway, I always remembered how Armand Assante pronounced “war” in the above scene: “Mission? We’re going to wah!”

It’s a fun way to say it. “Let me hear your wah cry!”

And indeed it shall be an acceptable pronunciation from now on.

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