‘Unplanned’ Wins at the Box Office Despite Attempts to Squash It

Paul Hair

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Unplanned shows how Abby Johnson went from being a Planned Parenthood clinic director to a pro-life activist. Hollywood and the Ruling Class desperately wanted this movie to fail. That didn’t happen. The movie has reportedly had the second-best opening weekend ever for distributor Pure Flix.

Today, Hollywood in Toto reported that Unplanned “over-performed this weekend against all odds.” It “earned $6.1 million from roughly 1,000 screens, about one-fourth of the number [of screens] some mainstream movies receive on opening weekend.”

The Wrap noted that this was “double the amount projected by box office trackers” and added that the film “is the second highest opening for any Pure Flix release.”

Yesterday, The Loftus Party noted that Unplanned has faced obstacles from the Ruling Class. Hollywood in Toto details those obstacles in its post from today.

And for an in-depth account of the filmmakers and how they brought Unplanned to the screen, listen to “The Culture War,” the latest episode of the Red Pilled America podcast.

Hollywood in Toto reports that “Pure Flix, the film’s distributor, says an additional 600 theaters will be added for” Unplanned for next weekend.

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