'Uncut Gems:' Sandler Brings His Dramatic 'A' Game! [TRAILER]

Michael Loftus

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The trailer for Adam Sandler's Uncut Gems is an absolute coup on a whole bunch of levels. Let me explain. First of all, it just looks like a great movie. That's an amazing feat! You know it's Adam Sandler but there's no expectation of some big comedic turn. It's a straight up acting role. And Sandler looks great in the part.

That is HUGE. Almost every comedian coming out of SNL tries their hand at drama. Belushi, Bill Murray, Will Ferrell, etc. Almost all of them fail. The expectation for something funny to come flying out of their mouths almost always kills the drama. That's what we dig about Sandler in Uncut Gems. Adam has quietly put together a career as a "serious" actor while STILL doing the zany screw-ball comedies he's known for. It's amazing and deserves to be noted.

Congratulations, Adam, you've done it. Who would have thought that of all the SNL alums, you would be the guy to absolutely crush in comedy and drama. It's fantastic. Just promise that every once in a while you'll dust off "opera man" to keep us lowlifes content. Here's hoping that Uncut Gems lives up to the trailer.

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