'Unbreakable' Sequel 'Glass' Actually Looks Exciting [VIDEO]

Gordon Kushner

Call it the M. Night Comics Universe. Unbreakable introduced us to a new genre, a typical superhero story arc but with Shyamalan's distinctive style; slow-paced, moody, light on action but with a big reveal at the end. Unbreakable did answer the question, "what would superheroes be in real life?"

Unfortunately, a long run of cinematic misses drove the prodigy who brought us The Sixth Sense into obscurity. But after fourteen long years, the surprisingly good, Split rewarded those of us who were really rooting for Shyamalan's comeback.

Spilt tells the disturbing story of a schizophrenic person who emerges as a super villain. The intriguing twist being that the story starts as a believable horror movie and morphs to a dark comic book origin story.

Left dangling at the end is the fate of the protagonist, Casey, an abused girl being raised by her deplorable uncle.

From the looks of the trailer for Glass, James McAvoy's Beast is brought back through the manipulations of Dr. Glass (played by Samuel L. Jackson). It's up to the quiet, brooding David Dunn to save the day.

Given Shyamalan's penchant for plot twists and less than satisfying endings, I'm looking forward to being kept guessing until the end.