Trailer Tumult: My Verdict Is Still Out on These...

There are a few movie and show trailers out there I'm still not sure if I'll like or not.

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If there is one thing social media has provided for movie lovers, it's a virtual Teaser/Trailer-Palooza. With new shows and movies consistently fighting for our attention, everyone feels obligated to pull out all the best material before we even see the final product.

We've all been burned once or twice before though, when you find yourself shaking your head after a film thinking, "Wow, that was nothing like the trailer." Sometimes, I've been pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed a movie or show much more than I thought I would.

This is why the trailer is the "book cover" for movies and television. Never judge a movie by what you see in these little snippets of advertising. For example, here are three upcoming projects for which I'm still withholding judgment:

Catch 22

I read this Joseph Heller darkly comic war novel in high school, and really want to read it again after seeing this trailer for the Hulu original six-part series. It looks very well made, and the I love the images I've seen from it.

George Clooney, who portrays Scheisskoph in this one, is also an executive producer and one of the directors.

Yet, I really loved the 1970 film and watched it every time it came on television. I mean, how can you beat Bob Newhart, Orson Welles, Art Garfunkel, and Tony Perkins in a war movie?

I really want to like this series. But can there be another Yossarian besides Adam Arkin? We'll find out when this premieres May 17. In the mean time, check out the trailer for the original big screen version for fun.


Talk about hot and cold. When I first heard the announcement for this Fox Searchlight biopic I was thrilled. Then, I was skeptical, because they might screw it up.

Then, Nicholas Hoult was cast and I'm probably one of the few people who thought he would do a good job.

Then, I read some more Tolkien bios and realized this might not be true to his life, or how much his World War I experiences influenced his work. I do know a couple of cases in which they did, but to the extent which may be implied in the movie, I'm not so sure.

Then, I saw the trailer and "fangirled" out because Tolkien is one of my favorite people...of all time. I was once again jazzed for it.

Now, as the movie's premiere date of May 10 approaches, the Tolkien estate has issued an official statement sharing their sentiments about this particular film:

The family and the estate wish to make clear that they did not approve of, authorize or participate in the making of this film. They do not endorse it or its content in any way.

I kind of figured as much. The estate is notoriously tight with his work (for good reason), but this statement is pretty damning. I will go see this, but I'm worried it will give a whole generation of people who saw the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies without ever reading the actual books a less-than-worthy portrayal of the remarkable, creative genius Tolkien was.

Speaking of J.R.R. Tolkien, I do intend to be very "judgy" when the Amazon Prime Lord of the Rings "Second Age" series comes out. Yet, I will watch it whether I like it or not, because I'm a Middle Earth sucker that way.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Okay, I'm pretty sure I won't like this one, since I haven't found Jim Carrey funny since his In Living Color days, and he looks like he's in full gratingly annoying form in this one. Plus, why did they turn the nifty video game star, Sonic, into that weird stretched-out CGI debacle?


I thought the Lego Movie was going to be horrible when I first saw the trailer, and ending up loving it. The incredibly funny Ben Schwartz is voicing Sonic, and there's some fun action adventure elements to this that could be entertaining.

I think I'll only enjoy this one if there's a scene where I can watch Dum Dum Dugan (aka the awesome Neal McDonough) beat the living bejebus out of Ace Ventura's evil uncle. Sonic the Hedgehog is still a long way before the Nov. 8 release date, so that speedy blue critter has a lot of running to do before I'm convinced this will be any good.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Now, if you want to see a video game creature become a CGI movie star the right way, not to mention give him a perfect voice (Ryan Reynolds), look no further than Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. I've pretty much decided this is going to be adorable, but I won't know for sure until I see it, now will I?

Header image from "Catch 22" © Hulu

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