'Togo' Looks Terrific! Here's the Trailer [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Guy meets puppy. Guy doesn't like puppy. Guy ends up LOVING puppy! We're all in for Togo! How did we miss this trailer? Maybe cause this is a movie for Disney Plus? Why isn't the studio pushing this? It's got Willem Dafoe (yes, he's awesome) and a REAL dog! The action looks great! I'm already lovin' the pup too!

We think the reason Disney isn't pimping this one is because of ANOTHER doggie pic. One with Harrison Ford. Call of the Wild. Just one thing: They're BOTH Disney movies! What the hell is going on?

Is Disney having a development exec war? They developed 2 dog movies at the same time? And put the good one, Togo, on Disney Plus? (We need to figure out how to write that name. Every time I type it, it looks wrong.) And are giving the Red Carpet to Call of the Wild?

Ouch. Why do I say ouch? After the Togo trailer, Call of the Wild looks like an unfinished CGI class. With Harrison Ford sleepwalking through an acting job on his way to the bank. Don't believe me? Look:

Does anybody believe that was a real dog? Anyone? Other than the exec who wrote the check to the CGI co.?

Oh well. It's very strange. Two movies from the same studio. Same (basic) subject matter and they release the weird looking one instead of Togo. Maybe Call of the Wild tested off the charts great with the audience. Who knows. It's just so odd.

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair


I saw the "Call of the Wild" trailer the other day and couldn't believe how bad the dog (which I'm assuming is Buck) looked. I'd be surprised if the film doesn't bomb.