TLP Presents: 'MAGA COUNTRY!' A Night of Conservative Comedy! (UPDATED, 6/4)

Three great headliners! One hilarious comedy show that makes fun of the crazy Left!

UPDATE, JUNE 4: Latest show dates added!

Late night comics and the mainstream media have been beating up on the Right for too long. The MAGA Country comedy tour is gonna start hitting back. And it's gonna be hysterical!

  • Reno Collier from "The Blue Collar Comedy Tour" & Comedy Central
  • Brian Haner the Guitar Guy from "The Jeff Dunham Show" & Showtime
  • Michael Loftus from Comedy Central & Fox News

(We could list so many more credits but we don't want to seem braggy.)

Here's a list of forthcoming clubs, cities and dates. Thanks for your support! We want to see you there! Click the links for Tickets!

Wanna a taste of what you'll get when you attend this fantastic show? Here's a clip from Michael's show on the History channel:

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Come to Denver! Huge fan of Brian! He's a brilliant musician, comedian and author!!! I



My husband and I are conservatives starved for good conservative comedy. However, he is hard of hearing from his time in the Navy. Will you be making any of your shows for this tour available with subtitles so that we can watch?

Thank you!


Michigan dates?