Three Comic-Based Action Films Coming in 2019

Lisa Tate

This week, the trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum was released leaving fans of the franchise waiting until May to see what happens to the now "excommunicado" assassin, and his latest pup.

Also, with Season 3 of The Punisher starting this weekend, Frank Castle lovers will likely plow through it in a couple of days.

Although these two action properties are getting the most attention right now (one that inspired a comic adaptation from Dynamite; the other based on the Marvel Comic), comic book and action movie lovers might like these other films coming soon to a theater or streaming service near you.


Based on the Dark Horse webcomic and graphic novel series, Polar: Came In from the Cold (by Victor Santos). Mads Mikkelsen plays the recently "retired" assassin known as The Black Kaiser.

Unfortunately, his former employers find his existence to be a "liability" and he has to come out of retirement to take on the slew of younger assassins working to have him silenced.

Think RED (based on the Warren Ellis comic) meets John Wick.

Premiering on Netflix on Jan. 23.

Alita: Battle Angel:

Manga readers will be familiar with this character from Yukito Kirshiro's graphic novel Gunnm, which also inspired an anime in 1993. This is also Texas director Robert Rodriguez's latest offering.

Alita, a cyborg found by the scavenging Dr. Ido, has to learn where she comes from and what her true purpose was for being created. In the process, she becomes the world's deadliest weapon.

It stars Rosa Salazar, in the title role, and has a pretty impressive cast list including Mahershala Ali, Jennifer Connelly, Christoph Walsh and Jackie Earle Haley.

Coming to theaters Feb. 14.


I would have thought this one would be getting more attention, but the reboot of Mike Mignola's Dark Horse comic series seems to be kind of buried amid the 2019 big-budget comic franchises of Captain Marvel, Dark Phoenix and Shazam.

However, with everyone's favorite cat-loving, bad-guy smashing devil being played by Stranger Things star David Harbour, and Ian McShane as Professor Bruttenholm, I think this one might have just the right blend of humor and action to rival the Ron Perlman fan favorite trilogy.

Coming to theaters April 12, just in time to get your Ian McShane fix before he lets the dogs loose on Mr. Wick.

Header image © Dark Horse Comics.