Three Amazon Prime Series You Must Watch Now!

So much good content here's a roadmap to a few!

Over one hundred million people have Amazon Prime. Youre probably one of them. The service pays for itself in free two-day delivery. However, there is a portion of Prime you may not be utilizing: Amazon Prime Video. There are tons of television shows and movies that you can watch with your paid subscription. If the show youre looking for isnt in that category, you can rent one of the many movies and shows to stream. However, one of the most overlooked features of Prime Video is their original programming. Im going to give you three shows that you should have already seen. They are that good! Probably none of them are for the kids because of language, violence, and adult themes.

SNEAKY PETE: This is the story of a conman. I love a show that keeps you guessing, and Giovanni Ribisi does a spectacular job in this role. Hes fresh out of jail and on the run from a brutal gangster played by Bryan Cranston. If youre thinking that youve already seen Cranston play a part in the underworld, this role is completely different than his role as Heisenberg on Breaking Bad. This show has a terrific ensemble cast featuring Margo Martindale and Marin Ireland. You will simultaneously care about and completely distrust all of them. The best thing about Sneaky Pete is that once you figure out whats going to happen, you will discover that, not only were you wrong, you were heinously, irreparably erroneous. This show is great fun.

THE TICK: When I heard that Amazon remade The Tick, I was skeptical. I discovered that I was wrong to be so. Our hero is Arthur Everest, played wonderfully by Griffin Newman. The show takes place in a world where superheroes and supervillains are a normal part of life. Arthur is a troubled man who has had a lifetime of emotional trauma, because as a boy, his father was killed before his eyes by an evil supervillain named The Terror. Along the way, he meets The Tick, who has no long-term memory and plenty of super powers and charm. This show is both suspenseful and hilarious. There is a lot of backstory, but you dont get bogged down in it. The cast plays well off each other. Jackie Earle Haleys Terror is both very funny and psychotic at the same time. Seriously, binge The Tick. Its worth your time.

TOM CLANCYS JACK RYAN: I am a Tom Clancy Fan. When I read that John Krasinski was going to play Jack, I was excited. He brings a boy scout quality to the table that Jack Ryans character requires. Ryan is a CIA analyst who discovers several electronic bank transfers through shell companies. This starts a journey to discover the next Bin Laden. They do not make this a America Awesome, Muslims Bad story. In fact, the plot is intricate, detailed, and true to the Clancy novels while not totally adopting them. They did a great job with the cast. My one question in the cast was Abbie Cornish as Cathy Mueller. Early in the series, I didnt buy her playing that character. However, as the series progressed, she seemed to be much more at ease in the role. While there is plenty of combat, this is a more cerebral series. With just one season under its belt, Jack Ryan has quite a future. Its a great show!

I enjoyed all three of these thoroughly. I hope you do to! Happy binging!