The Tonight Show cancels Norm MacDonald

Michael Loftus

It's happening. The Thought Police are here.

Norm MacDonald has a new show on Netflix. So of course he's making the rounds on the late night circuit to promote it. But he's not gonna be stopping by The Tonight Show. Why? Is he a Nazi? Did he kill a dude? Nope. Seems that Ol' Norm had the audacity to defend Louis C.K. and Roseanne on a recent Howard Stern appearance. And THAT, my friends, is apparently a step too far.

The Tonight Show said some crap like: We're not gonna have Norm on out of respect of the sensitivity of our audience. What in a the actual fuck? How bout this instead? Have the dude on the show and let him tell his jokes. Maybe steer the conversation towards the thing he wants to promote! His new show! Maybe the producers thought his presence on TV, with viewers knowing he THOUGHT something would cause them to spontaneously combust. "If we even SEE an image of person who thinks differently, I'll DIE"!

This just in: Most comedians are going to go against the grain. If everyone "Zigs"? Nine times outta Ten I wanna see a comedian who "ZAGS"! But let's put that aside for now. Norm got cancelled because he has a DIFFERENT OPINION. That should terrify you. I don't want the Thought Police booking Talk Shows...or ANYTHING! If you can't handle someone having a different opinion, if it messes you up THAT bad. Get therapy. Get help. Cause the real world is WAY more difficult than a TV remote. Change the channel. Get a life.