‘The Ten Commandments’ and Some Trivia about the Parting of the Red Sea

ABC has aired ‘The Ten Commandments’ for nearly 50 years.

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ABC aired The Ten Commandments, starring Charlton Heston, again tonight, as it has done so for nearly 50 years. Enjoy the classic trailer. And CBNNews.com provides some interesting details about the special effect that portrayed the parting of the Red Sea.

CBNNews.com published a retrospective on the classic film today, and noted that the Red Sea special effect was a big deal.

The film also has the significance of having the most expensive special effect ever made for a film -- the parting of the Red Sea.

In April 1955 the New York Times reported the special effects team "built a 200,000 cubic-foot swimming pool and installed hydraulic equipment that could deluge the area with 360,000 gallons of water in two minutes flat."

A May 20, 1955, Hollywood Reporter news item asserted that the Red Sea sequence would cost $500,000, both for filming and creating the special effects. The Times review, however, claimed that the scene "cost more than a million dollars and took 18 months to shoot."

If you missed The Ten Commandments tonight on ABC, you can, of course, find it on a streaming service, cable, or even (GASP) DVD.

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