'The Mandalorian' Is Pretty Damn Good [REVIEW]

Michael Loftus

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It finally happened. The Mandalorian premiered on the new Disney Plus streaming service. You knew I was gonna watch. You knew I'd have to review it. Well you were right. I did and I will.

Right outta the gate you should know: NO SPOILERS! I'm cool like that.

I'm also not gonna get super geeky and point out all the cool Easter eggs. (There's lots by the way. If you're a Star Wars fan there's plenty to look for. Fun! Right?)

Let's just say this: Jon Favreau and his team did a fine job. They made a really good show. At the very least The Mandalorian is super compelling and I wanna watch more, so mission accomplished. It's a great Western in outer space show to kind of distill things into an elevator pitch. Clint Eastwood's Spaghetti Western character is a bounty hunter in a galaxy far, far, away. Boom. You're all caught up.

Visually? They nailed it. Big shout out to the director and cinematographer who shot the show to look more like the original Star Wars trilogy and not the super bright shiny crisp and clean The Last Jedi (garbage) they kept it gritty. Nice. We like.

I only have one beef with what I've seen so far. The music. The score is all over the place. Now I'll grant you it's hard to beat John Williams's classic themes. It's almost impossible. But you have to do something. It feels to me like the creators of The Mandalorian couldn't decide which direction to go so they kinda went everywhere. It didn't work. I'm sure it'll get better as they go. I hope so anyway.

Little tip for ya. I got Disney Plus free for a year. Maybe you can too! Verizon has some kind of deal with Disney where it's bundled into your phone bill. So if you're with Verizon, it's worth looking into.

As for the actual streaming service? Gotta tip my cap to Disney Plus on this one. They launched a boat load of content and my app loaded up with zero problems. Smooth sailing. I know some people had issues but it seems the number of unhappy people was small in comparison to how massive an undertaking this was.

Did you watch The Mandalorian? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair


Every time I hear ' The Mandalorian' I think of the Mandelbaums from 'Seinfeld.' Don't know why. Regardless, I'd love to see a show called, 'The Mandelbaum.' Would be a surefire hit. https://youtu.be/88M9-rBXubA