'The Mandalorian' Feels Like It's Just Getting Started with Episode 3.

Michael Loftus

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Can't really promise there won't be spoilers here. Hopefully you've been watching the show and you're on board with a discussion of where we are. Here's the upside: If you haven't seen episode 1 or 2 of The Mandalorian you haven't really missed anything. I could legit make the argument that the series could start with episode 3.

Now that I type it? I feel like a genius. You could totally do that! You haven't missed a thing! In The Mandalorian episode 3 you know everything you need to know. Dude is a badass bounty hunter. Dude is a Mandalorian and they got some hardcore rules they follow. "Don't take your helmet off," being very high on the list. Dude had a traumatic childhood. And as cold as dude may act, he still has a heart. He still cares. Cause he saved THIS little dude:

We're all calling him "Baby Yoda." And I'm not sure if he could be any cuter. C'mon! Look at him. I said LOOK! Insane levels of cute! Who could let this little guy get hurt? I'll tell ya who: "The Mandalorian!" That's who!

In this episode cool stuff happened. Finally. Epic fight scenes? Check. Disintegrations? Check. All kinds of cool shit! This episode moves! Big shout out to director Deborah Chow. She keeps it moving. Stellar job. Let's give her a boatload more eps to direct. And keep scripts like this episode coming in too. I'm not against setting a mood and slowing things down from time to time but at some point you gotta go! This episode felt like that. Let's go!

This is Star Wars! I wanna go to new places, see new shit and be blown away! Let's get going. There's been all the set up we need. Now it's time to get moving! Seems like we will. Very much looking forward to episode 4!

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