The Last Jedi And Porgs

During ESPN’s NFL game on Monday night the new trailer for Star Wars – The Last Jedi was unveiled.

In 100% transparency, this trailer prominently features Luke and Leia played by Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. For nostalgia only (which I am sure is engineered) a ticket was just sold.

Lots of folks are saying it is very “spoilery”. However, I think this trailer leaves more on the table than it gives away. It is nearly impossible to tell how broken the chronology is in the scenes that are shared. What is vision and what is action? Who are the various characters speaking to in the selected dialogue? Is Raye speaking to Kylo when she says she needs someone to show her her place? Or is she speaking to Luke and they show you Kylo extending his hand to freak you out a bit?

And does Kylo really kill his mother after killing his father? Shots of him engaging his weapons in his fighter, reminiscent of the Empire’s TIE-Fighter, that cut directly to Leia’s face in her command ship. Or is that simply misdirection?

With the rapid-fire dialogue and succinct language cuts out of context, how many assumptions can honestly be made? I have watched any number of assessments of the trailer from folks who know the franchise far better than I, and there is almost zero agreement on what the scenes in the trailer actually mean. The way the reviewers put their theories together are all very convincing, and all over the place.

So, congrats to the team that cut the trailer. They have created a lot of interesting threads for analysis and no consensus. True fans will need the movie to sort it out.

And it appears Porgs will now be a Twitter staple. Some skeptics of the franchise have dubbed the species “space gerbils” and are using the appearance of the glassy eyed rodent to react to the day’s news.

I think the Porg is a clear indication of the Disney influence engineered to make the perfect stocking stuffer, but that is just me. I am far more interested in the clear sense of betrayal and conflict set up by the trailer and look forward to seeing who got the assessment right.


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