‘The Gentleman Farmers’ Celebrates American Heritage

Paul Hair

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Novel The Gentleman Farmers is “about losing your hometown, the lies feminism tells, American heritage, the media, the cowardice of the respectable, sublimating demographic anxiety into heritage livestock breeding, and a statue of Robert E. Lee” according to author Loretta Malakie. Sound like something you’d like to read? Here’s a little bit more about the book that was published on July 2.

From the Amazon description:

Maggie Kingsbury, single middle-aged alcoholic lawyer, joins her in-laws Molly and Kevin on a homestead in the mountains of North Carolina, where their trustafarian college frenemies Brock and Sandra have just bought their third home. Molly commissions Brock to renovate an old Appalachian tobacco barn on their property. But when maverick hillbilly throwback Uncle Billy shows up to live in their field in a camper van, power struggles ensue. Meanwhile, Kevin has become dangerously obsessed with breeding heritage livestock. When Maggie’s beloved niece Juliet asks her to take on a mysterious client, Maggie becomes implicated in a national political furor.

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Top Image: Excerpt of cover of The Gentleman Farmers.

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