The 'Game of Thrones' Comedy Funhouse!

Lisa Tate

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I've been a Game of Thrones watcher since the very first episode, and like many I've been avidly following the the final season.

My biggest disappointment is I can't read ahead to the end, since George R. R. Martin hasn't actually finished the book series. But I noticed this latest episode seems to really have burnt a few fan butts in the process of burning King's Landing to the ground.

There were a few instances this season where it did look to me like they just wanted to wrap it up so yet another group of writers could destroy the Star Wars franchise even more, but honestly I've been enjoying it, flaws and all.

As someone who has read and watched science fiction and fantasy my entire life, I got into Game of Thrones, but I also know that there is always something else coming down the line. I have also learned with any popular series, the final season where they try to "wrap things up" always...and I mean always...falls short of a least some folks' expectations.

Instead of getting overly outraged by where the show has headed (a show and book series, by the way, known for taking incredibly dark turns), many fans are looking at this entire season the way they should: as comedy gold.

Did that poorly lit episode of the night battle (followed by a million explanations why it HAD to be that dark) and the Starbuck's coffee cup in the other episode not give us a hint that they might be in teensy hurry to get onto other projects?

Oh, you know who put that cup there, don't you? It was Sansa. Her plot to pin the whole thing on Daenerys worked perfectly. What does she care? She's freakin' Dark Phoenix, after all?

Okay, moving back to this latest episode, I have to give credit to the very funny people out there in social media land, as some of the responses to the show have been hysterical. Here are a couple I found on Twitter alone:

There's even an entire feed devoted to Game of Thrones memes that has really been working overtime on the comedy takes:

Heck, I thought I was clever with this one, but looking back I was up against some pretty experienced snark:

What about Jon Snow in all this?

I saw one small account asking, "On a scale of One to Jon Snow, how surprised were you to find out your girlfriend was crazy?"

Annnd, don't forget the predictions for the ending. Here's a favorite for my fellow Dark Knight fans:

The best one is from the spot-on Ryan George, who has a way of pointing out the absurdity of the Hollywood writing machine. Here's the series writers dropping the ball handed to them by George R. R. Martin:

I'm still looking forward to the last episode of Game of Thrones, and am cautiously optimistic there will be some great things to come. If not, at least we can look forward to some more high comedy "burns" from the fans.

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