‘The Fugitive Heir’ Makes Space Opera Fun Again

Paul Hair

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Tired of modern attempts to re-define the space opera genre? Then give Henry Vogel’s Matt & Michelle series a try. Here’s a little bit more about the first novel, The Fugitive Heir (2016).

From a review by “Jevex” in 2016:

The book is a fun, fast-paced read, eminently enjoyable from page 1 onward. The author’s style that reminds me very much of Robert Heinlein’s young adult science fiction stories (Red Planet, The Star Beast, Citizen of the Galaxy). The story’s main characters – Matt and Michelle – are a pair of bright and energetic young people, around 17 or 18 years old (you can pin it down from clues in the text), each harboring a couple deep, dark secrets. Together, they set off in an old spaceship that Matt and his father restored in their ‘garage’ as a ‘father and son’ project, hoping to find Matt’s parents – who have now been missing for seven years, just long enough to now be declared officially dead. Of course, his folks were the heads of a multi-trillion dollar, federation-wide corporation, and Matt is the presumptive heir to the ‘throne’. If he can stay alive and un-disappeared, that is.

The Fugitive Heir is available as an eBook, in paperback, and as an audio book.

Top Image: Excerpt of cover of The Fugitive Heir.

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