The Echo Friendly - 'Same Mistakes' [VIDEO]

The Echo Friendly: Same Mistakes (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
The Echo Friendly: Same Mistakes (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"Same Mistakes" from the upcoming LP: "Love Panic" Dir: Paul Korzan Asst. Dir: Vincent Divito Get more of The Echo Friendly: Faceb...

Michael Loftus

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Maybe we dig the old school vibe on this one. It kinda has a 1990's feel to it, right? Doesn't matter. Ya like what what ya like, and we're digging The Echo Friendly: "Same Mistakes" (click on this link if the video isn't working here).

Now here's the bad part. This song is 8 years old! WTF!? Can we ever get caught up with new music? We're gonna try. If you find something cool just let us know, OK?

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