The Deplorable Comedy tour & why it's so important you go.

Michael Loftus

Hello there, Michael Loftus here. Yes, I'm one of the comedians on The Deplorable Show. The comedy tour thing. Before I jump into why I agreed to join the tour and its importance (note: I despise "important" comedy, but this actually IS) I thought I'd give you a little update on tour dates and cities. What's happening now, and what's going to happen.

First: Our show at the Houston Improv on November 5th is sold out. That's very encouraging. People heard about the show and bought tickets. Very good news! Tickets went so fast, we decided to add a second show in Dallas.

Second: Tickets are still available for Dallas on November 4th. We'd love to sell this one out as well. I'll try to figure out how to include a link to the Improv Dallas ticket office. HA!

Third: We WILL be announcing new dates very soon! Thanks for your patience. We'd like to do as many cities as possible in the upcoming months, however finding locations and theater space is it's own challenge. We'll leave that to people who actually know what they're doing.

I mostly tell jokes. Occasionally I'll also write jokes for television shows. I've been fortunate enough to write on a bunch of TV shows. Some more successful than others. Every reporter I talk to about the Deplorable Show seems to ask the same question: "Aren't you worried about never working in Hollywood again?" Well, the answer is yes. I am. But that is also the main reason I said yes to the tour.

It is profoundly fucked up that a person would actually have to worry about working in his or her profession based on their political beliefs. There should be a law! Whaaaa? There is? But we all know how the world really works. What can you do? I'll tell you what you can do... Hide in plain sight! Tell jokes! Laugh! And most a good human being and help your fellow man.

Now here's where I'm coming from.The 2016 Presidential election was like none that I can remember. It was flat out nuts! I didn't vote for Hillary. I watched what happened during the Obama administration and was less than thrilled. The thought of four more years of that wasn't appealing to me. (I'm being very kind) What was appealing was the idea of a real outsider like Donald Trump. Like many other Americans I wanted to "Mix it up" "Drain the swamp" and all that. Let's stay away from political dynasties and let a business guy run things for a while. Election season was a mudslinging fest of the highest order. Completely bonkers. Hillary made the "Deplorable" comment. People were villainized and many were physically attacked. Then? Trump won. And all hell broke loose.

The name calling, the violence and the loathing of anyone who didn't vote for Hillary found another gear. It got worse. Much worse. Political pundits and even elected officials were adding fuel to the rage fire every chance they could get. Now this has been going on for two years. That's a long time. No breaks. Two years of the vast majority in the press saying that Trump is evil/racist/hitler and anyone who supports him must be evil/racist/hitler by proxy. The right is being villainized like never before. If you are a conservative, you check over your shoulder to see who's listening before you open your mouth. I know it sounds silly, but it's true. Honestly, I don't want to get into a fight with some ANTIFA douche at MacDonalds because I believe in a smaller Federal Government. I just want my Mac Jr. (They need to bring that thing back BTW) I really just want us to be able to disagree. So now what? What should we do? What can a right-leaning person do in todays environment?

Stand up. I know it sounds trite, but that's the solution.

People are inherently good. Every Conservative/Republican/Libertarian I've met has been pretty damned decent. Why are we hiding? It's ridiculous! We have good lives, we're good people, and by all measurable stats, the country is getting better too! We were right! The Trump administration has been crushing it!

So to me the choice is this: Sit around and wait while people get mocked and slandered, OR get up, get on with our lives and have fun! When decent people feel isolated and ostracized? That's not a recipe for success. That's jacked up! So lets fight back by coming together, having some laughs and enjoying each others company.

For me? that's what the Deplorable show is all about. Lets. Have. A. Good. Time. Boom! You'll look around the room and see hundreds of people who voted the way you did, who aren't looking over their shoulder. They're out with friends, having a couple drinks and laughing their asses off. It's like an oasis in the desert. In a world of left-leaning Trump-bashers, they will find something different. Something great. Entertainment that speaks to them! That doesn't make fun of them for their beliefs. That actually celebrates it! I want people to leave the show feeling like a million bucks.. I want everyone to get a break from all the bullshit and get recharged! You should NEVER have to feel bad about who you voted for. EVER! So let's do it! Lets get together for a night of laughs. Let's stand up for what we believe in and show the knuckle-biting haters that life goes on! They can keep wringing their hands. We're gonna have a good time! We SAVED the Republic! You're welcome! We kept Socialism at bay for another four years. Can we at least get a smile? Maybe just dial down the Super-Villain rhetoric for an hour or two?

That's why I said yes to the tour. That's what I'm hoping to provide. We're calling it The Deplorable show because if someone thinks that goofy-ass name is gonna hurt our feelings, they got another thing coming. It's awesome. I sincerely hope you'll join us. Show your support. Tell a friend. Help spread the word. Lets not be cowed while the main stream media tries to paint us as Troglodytes. We're better than that. So, screw em'. Damn the Torpedoes. We're gonna enjoy ourselves!

For more tour info & updates go to we'll also have info here at TheLoftusParty.

And to all the people who are terrified. Who think Trump is the end of all things. We have a lovely system of checks and balances in America. We made it through Obama, you can make it through this.