The Captain Marvel Trailer is here... and I ain't feeling it.

Not really excited about Captain Marvel

Here it is. The Trailer for Marvels latest superhero movie. I've watched it a couple times and here's my reaction... meh.

I KNOW! I feel bad saying it. That's why I went back and watched it a couple times. I WANTED to really dig it. But I don't. Something about the clip just feels flat. Visually? Nothing really new. Nothing just blew me away. I got the weirdest feeling that somehow I'd already seen it. Everything looked, well... familiar. Maybe that's what Marvel was shooting for. Who knows. Granted, there were a couple of semi-interesting things: Nick Fury before the eyepatch. Cameo by Agent Coulson. But beyond that? Everything felt like "Paint by Numbers."

Space ships? Check. Earth in danger? Check? Hero making fist, finding the resolve to take action? Check.

I'm sure they have lots of surprises in store for us, they just weren't in this trailer. At. All.

What do YOU think? Did you dig it? Let me know in the comment section. (I actually read the comments. Ha!)

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair


The trailer is bor-ing.