The Big Push - 'Bongo Bong' (Cover)

The Big Push - Bongo Bong (Manu Chao cover)
The Big Push - Bongo Bong (Manu Chao cover)

Always loved this song by Manu Chao so we thought we'd do a cover. Thanks so much for all your support! We release all our music independently and have worke...

Michael Loftus

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The Big Push is a band from England. We dig 'em. Most of all we dig their seemingly boundless energy and the sense of fun they bring to making music. They don't shy away from cover songs at all. If anything they go full tilt boogie. Just blasting through with insane levels of optimism that make it all work.

So they covered "Bongo Bong," a song that already has 63 million views on YouTube. HA! And I gotta say...I like The Big Push version better. LOL! Good for them.

I'll link the original too so you can compare. Let me know what you think. -- The Mgmt

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