'Teen Titans Go!" Movie Ready to Save the World...and DC Movies

Disappointed in Justice League? The Teen Titans are here to breathe some fun into DC this summer.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Wonder Woman, am probably one of the only people to admit Suicide Squad was a blast, and liked Justice League okay, but there hasn't been a DC movie that can hold a candle to the success of the Marvel universe since Christopher Nolan's phenomenal Dark Knight Trilogy.

With all the Marvel movies flooding in (Disney and non-Disney), DC just hasn't been able to keep up with the tide. Don't despair DC fans, because there may be a ray of sunshine coming your way with the first made for theaters movie for the animated series Teen Titans Go!

Here's why:

  1. The movie trailer alone is filled with comic Easter eggs, from parodies of movie title logos to the comments on the Green Lantern movie..."we don't talk about that." The concept that every hero is getting a movie is spot on, too. You'll even see glimpses of characters like Jonah Hex and Steel who had their own less than stellar movies.

I have read comics my whole life, and love comic book movies. This means, like everyone else who follows these stories, we have our nit-picky (but not always unjustified) gripes about the way they interpret these characters on the big screen. Teen Titans Go! proves no movie franchise is perfect, and some of the most genuine jokes come when you can laugh at yourself.

  1. At last! Nicolas Cage is Superman! Remember Superman Lives back in the 1990s? Directed by Tim Burton! Starring Nic Cage! Screenplay by Kevin Smith! Yes!!!!.....or not. This movie Superman Lives died long before it was ever made, but Cage is such a comic book geek — his stage name is based on Luke Cage and his son's name is Kal El after, of course, Superman — he had to get back in the game. What more appropriate way to do it than here?

Just for fun, here's some test footage of Cage trying on the Superman Lives costume:

  1. The Deathstorke/Deadpool weirdness takes a front seat. Comic book geeks like me have known the mutual rip-off of Deathstroke and Deadpool for sometime, and Teen Titans is parading out this elephant in the room and putting him in the spotlight. Here's why the "Deadpool" bit comment in the trailer was so perfect, for those who don't know:

Deathstroke (DC), real name: Slade Wilson. Mercenary and assassin first appearing in the New Teen Titans No. 2 in 1980. Served in the armed forces (Army). Possesses a healing factor to recover from any injury. Black and red costume. Likes both guns and katanas.

Deadpool (Marvel), real name: Wade Wilson. Mercenary and assassin first appearing in the New Mutants No. 98 in 1991. Depending on the story, may have served in the armed forces, maybe Canadian, maybe U.S. Possesses a healing factor to recover from any injury. Black and red costume. Likes both guns and katanas.

There you have it, Slade came first, but he isn't nearly as popular today, because he isn't the fourth wall-breaking Merc with the Mouth. Poor Deathstroke.

This has needed to be pointed out in a DC or Marvel movie for sometime, and since the original Deadpool movie didn't take advantage of this joke,Teen Titans jumped in with both wonderful stylized feet.

...and speaking of Deathstroke...

  1. Deathstroke is Batman! Well, his voice, anyway. Will Arnett, the comic actor whose voice helped make Lego Batman one of everyone's favorite representations of the Caped Crusader, will be the voice of Deathstroke. If his Batman performance is any indication (and I'm gonna say it is), bring your hanky because you'll be laughing until you cry.
  1. Why so serious? As The Joker himself asks, why is everything such a huge struggle today in superhero movies? Why is it always so dire, so dark, so "let's teach the viewers another unasked-for civics lesson" with every new gut-wrenching, epic. Every now and then we need to remember one of the primary reasons we follow these adventures with superheroes...we want to have fun!

Hopefully, when Teen Titans Go! hits theaters on July 27, it will bring some of that much needed fun to the DC Universe that the whole family can enjoy.