Stacey Lennox

I am just getting around to catching back up with network TV. Honestly, working full time, managing a household of four children and all their associated activities left me with little time. I haven't watched much since the Friends finale.

However, kids get older. They get driver's licenses, jobs and become much less dependant on Mom. I think this is an excellent development as my number one job was to give them the tools to become successful adults, but it has left my evenings free to sit in from of the small screen again so I started scoping the new season.

Tonight I will be watching with a glass of wine in hand and preparing to laugh. The American Housewife is airing this evening on ABC and I could not be happier to see a show like this in a major network line up.

Originally titled The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport, which literally cracked me up, American Housewife is TV for the rest of us. It's already being criticized for its "retrograde premise" by liberal blogs, meaning it is probably a pretty accurate portrayal of modern family life in suburban and middle America.

Katy Mixon stars as the central character, Katie Otto. A mom who has relocated with her family to the posh suburb of Westport Connecticut, where the guts are flat and the butts are high among the carpool set. Katie's husband is played by Deidrich Bader, one of my favorites from the Drew Carey Show. Katy's parenting style is familiar. Sarcasm mixed with the desire to what is right and best for her children. Her marriage too seems familiar. Obviously smitten with an admiration and humor that makes life a lot easier in the hectic world of family life.

I will admit, freely that I have already developed a woman crush on Katie. If you have ever sat through and IEP or watched your child who is a little bit different walk into their new school you will see yourself in Katie. If you have ever actually put that pair of Spanks up on the register to acknowledge that 10 pounds motherhood has permanently saddled with you will understand. If you can joke about your insecurities and count on a spouse to cover for your parenting flaws, run your home more like a dictatorship than a democracy and somehow make it all work, you will see yourself in the couple's marriage and in this premiere.

It's not often the major networks make a show for the rest of us. Those who still identify with and embrace traditional family values with a modern twist. We may not be June Cleaver but still live in a world where mom and dad know best even if our methods are somewhat flawed.