‘Superman: Year One’ Comic Book Review [VIDEO]

Paul Hair

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Frank Miller and John Romita, Jr. are writing and illustrating Superman: Year One, a miniseries from DC Comics. Preston Poulter provides a video review of the first issue.

In addition to watching Poulter’s review, be sure to visit Bleeding Fool (where I found his video) to read a brief summary of the Superman miniseries.

Poulter is also the creator of the comic books White Lily and Guinevere and the Divinity Factory. On top of this, he was an executive producer for the 2018 movie Standoff at Sparrow Creek, which was produced by Cinestate. (For more about Cinestate, head on over to Hollywood in Toto and listen to Christian Toto’s interview of Cinestate CEO Dallas Sonnier.)

So enjoy the Superman: Year One review, click to Bleeding Fool and check out everything there, and take a gander at the trailer for Standoff at Sparrow Creek (below). If it looks like it interests you, it’s available now on Amazon Prime.

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