‘Supergirl’ Soars to Greater SJW Heights with New, Ugly Costume [PHOTO]

Paul Hair

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Entertainment Weekly reported on July 15 that Supergirl star Melissa Benoist will wear a new costume for the upcoming season of the CW television series. As expected from the SJW show, the costume is ugly.

The comparison of the old costume with the new one highlights how the new one is a downgrade. And while I suppose some people will be unhappy about it, I’m not.

Indeed, I applaud the continued self-destruction of yet another established, intellectual property. That’s not a sarcastic statement. Time for mainstream IPs to go away. Time for new people to create new tales and new universes.

So the cast and crew of Supergirl get my thumbs up for the change. Keep doing what you’re doing. (Again, I say this with complete sincerity.)

(HT to @CaptainFrugal)

Top Image: Excerpt of photo posted to Melissa Benoist’s official Instagram account.

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