Super Mario Odyssey: Keep It Simple Stupid


And if you’re thinking about it? You’re gonna buy it. C’mon!! It’s Super freakin’ Mario! Just know what you’re in for.

Is it the biggest Mario game yet? Yup. Great graphics? You bet! Really giant world and all that jazz.

Here’s my criticism. (Cause ya know I’m gonna have one) Can we slow down with all the options? In every iteration of Mario, there’s more and more options and ways to move around. We now have way more than enough. It’s getting annoying. Old school side-scrolling Mario had walk, run and jump. Then came run, double jump, throw. And that was PLENTY! That’s all ya need! Hell, I’ll even give you “ground pound” (that’s a jump up then an arrow down) to smash enemies with your Super Mario ass! Fun!

Now with Super Mario Odyssey, the developers have gone too far. WAAAAY too many combos! There. I said it. There are button combos for EVERYTHING! Ways to run, ways to slide, multiple ways to jump. You read that right. Variations on “Jump.” All of which you will need to do in the game. Shall we discuss Mario’s hat? Let’s, shall we? You can throw it. Or press a series of buttons/wave controllers in a very specific way and have the hat stay on the target. A different set of combos/controller moves will have the hat moving 360 degrees around you. This is the first level. Level one!

Nintendo hasn’t given up on motion controllers and boat loads of combos, and maybe they should. A wise man once said to me: “Keep it simple, stupid.” And that’s my advice to Nintendo developers. We don’t NEED all the combos. We really don’t. Give us a big world, good graphics, and a decent story with our PLUMBER buddy (Mario’s still a plumber in my mind) and we will walk and run and double jump and throw our way through it. And we’ll love every level.

Please don’t ask us to memorize a butt-load of specialty moves. It kills the fun. I just want to play a game, not pass memory test. And with the motion controllers, we know it’s kinda iffy at best. You’re certain you did the move correctly, but no… turns out ya didn’t. Cause the “Switch” didn’t catch it like it should have! (This is my go to excuse by the way) Now, I know all the people at Nintendo get excited about all the new moves they could make Mario do. That’s great. But should you? Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Slow it down. You have a wonderful game. Don’t ruin it by asking too much from the players.

Buy it. Be prepared to devote a lot of time memorizing specialty moves. I’m outta here. Gonna fire up the Nintendo Switch and see if I have enough brain cells in my long-term memory to save Princess Peach. She’s a hottie and she needs me.

Have fun!