"Stranger Things" Returns This Fall as a Comic and Seasonal Attraction


Although the third season of the runaway Netflix hit Stranger Things won't be binge-ready until at least 2019, there are two opportunities to get your fill of the Upside Down this fall, thanks to a forthcoming Stranger Things comic and seasonal theme park attraction.

Earlier this week, followers of Dark Horse Comics' Instagram gave readers a glimpse of the some cover art for its upcoming four-part comic book series based on Stranger Things. According the announcement, the first issue will follow Will Byers when he enters "a dimension of decay and destruction where he must use his wits and resolve to dodge the pursuit of the Demogorgon and escape the Upside Down." Those wanting to know a little more about Will's experiences in this dimension may finally get their wish. Creatives involved in the project include writers and artists Jody Houser, Stefano Martino, Keith Champagne, Lauren Affe, and Nate Piekos, with covers by Aleksi Briclot, Kyle Lambert, Rafael Albuquerque, Patrick Satterfield.

Stranger Things cover Aleksi Briclot by © Dark Horse.

In addition to the comics Universal Studios' popular Halloween Horror Nights events added a Stranger Things walk through maze to its array of attractions and scare zones.

The maze follows the suspense of Season 1 in the 80's style setting that gives the series part of its appeal. According to the announcement the immersive environment will recreate some of the show's iconic themes, and characters.

"You’ll faithfully follow the storyline, starting off on Mirkwood and then quickly moving to inside Hawkins National Laboratory where things have gone terribly, terribly wrong," the park's publicity promises. "From there you will experience all the most memorable moments and environments from the show while being hunted at every turn by the Demogorgon."

Yes, guests will step inside the Upside Down on more than one occasion.

​The Stranger Things attraction will be featured at the Universal Studios event in Orlando, as well as at its sister parks in Hollywood and Singapore this fall. Visitors should remember Halloween Horror Nights passes are an additional cost to to regular park admission (single night tickets are around $63 for the Orlando attraction), and this event is intended primarily for teens and adults.

The first issue of the Stranger Things comic hits stands Sept. 26, with this year's Halloween Horror Nights running select nights Sept. 14-Nov. 3.

Even if we don't get to see where Season Three takes the residents of Hawkins for a while, fans can still get their nostalgic, eerie Stranger Things fix this fall.