Start the Summer with Politics-Free Laughs

I'm devoting the month of June to sharing some wonderful politics-free comedy bits. This week: Speakers and Stand-Ups.

There has been a lot of talk about who's offending who, how many comics have become mouth pieces for their political party of choice, and how jokes are now being replaced with lazy, profanity-infested name-calling.

Political commentary is nothing new in comedy, but there's a time and a place for it. Unfortunately, some comics think that time is "always," and the place is "in your face." Fortunately, there has also been some indication that comics are realizing people of all backgrounds and political leanings just want to laugh a little without that political wedge being driven even deeper between them and others.

Now, I don't care what the personal politics of the comics behind these bits harbor, nor do I care if their other bits take on any political issue. I do know, however, I have shared and laughed along with both my conservative and liberal pals (if those categories even apply anymore) to these particular routines.

Therefore, I will act as your official curator for some stuff I've found particularly funny and, for the most part, politics free. This first week we'll look at three clips from stand up comics.

James and the Tiny Ducks

Comedian James Veitch is known for his YouTube show Scamalot, in which he interacts with scam emails, has delivered TED Talks, and is author of the book Dot Con. This bit on his exploits annoying his roomies has resulted in nearly 10 million views, and inspired t-shirts. If you haven't seen this bit, yet, we need to talk about the ducks:

Donald and the Farting Teacher

I don't think I need to tell you who Donald Glover is right now... *cough* Lando...Gambino...*cough* ...since he is one of the most overwhelmingly successful actors and musicians working today. Yes, he has done stand-up comedy, and he has mastered it like everything else.

Jim and the Wiggles for Adults

This one's a little longer, but I just found out SNL alumnus and comic Jim Breuer is touring with...METALLICA!!! This is a fun one for all us aging punkers, metal heads, goths, and pretty much all of us 80s babies. When you can compare The Wiggles and Heavy know what parenting is like for our generation. This isn't the best quality recording, but it doesn't matter. Those who can relate will be laughing through tears.

Next week: Short films.

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Absolutely snort-worthy! And I thought romance was dead. SLAYERRR!!



Next time, sir!

Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


great story! thanks for including me! ha!! I'm kidding. good stuff though. Am a big Bruer fan!