Star Wars: ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ [TRAILER]

Michael Loftus

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Oh, what could've been. What a wonderful time we could have had. We could have had three new Star Wars movies that moved us and inspired us. But we didn't get that. We got shit on.

I've watched the trailer a few times now and it just keeps getting worse. I'm not kidding. It get worse and worse. I'm so pissed off I'm having a hard time organizing my thoughts. Let's just stick to the trailer.

What am I watching? It's so bright! Is this a Disney channel show? Who chose the color palette?

I'm impressed with ZERO in the visuals. ZERO. Note to graphics people: I don't care HOW technically awesome the shot is if it doesn't MEAN ANYTHING!

What are they doing? Who are they fighting? What am I as a Star Wars fan supposed to expect? I have zero expectations. This is like a shitty standalone movie. Made for the Disney channel.

Ohhhhhhhh…the Emperor has been waiting sooooooo long. I give zero shits cause you just made it up. If he HAD been waiting you would've shown me that two fucking movies ago. It's shit and I don't care.

Now you're gonna kill C3PO? Just to manipulate my emotions? Cause you're bored and you want me to care? FUCK YOU!!

Kill Princess Leia!! She's already dead for god sake!! Kill HER!

You cheap ass bastards are gonna give a line like, "Saying my friends..." from C3PO? Screw you and the shitty dialogue writer you rode in on.

Ohhhhhh…big space battle I don't care about! TIE fighters by an iceberg!! Ohhhhhhh, a throne! I do not care!! Ohhhhhh, star destroyers coming out of ice! Spaceships in the tree tops! Why would anyone care about this?

What have they done to Star Wars? Who's letting this shit happen time and time again? Do they hate the fans? They must.

It's insane. I might be done with the franchise. Help us, The Mandalorian, you're our only hope.

-- The Mgmt

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