Star Wars Needs George Lucas. At Least His Eyes. [OPINION]

Michael Loftus

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I want new ships. What's more, I want them to be cool looking. I want my cinematic eyes to explode like they did when George Lucas ran Star Wars. Think about it for just a second. Where are the cool new ships in the Star Wars universe? I can't think of one. They all seem like retreads of stuff we've already seen before. Variations on a theme we've seen since 1977. Check it out.

I legit had this poster in my room. Stared at it for hours. (Until Farrah Fawcett arrived. Heh) Almost every ship in the movies NOW is a variation of a ship from these movies. WTF? Can a fan get some new ships?

This all started as I was watching The Mandalorian on Disney + the other night (my review is on the site BTW) and I was digging the Mandalorian's ship. Guess what? It's based on a ship Lucas wanted to use in the prequel trilogy and didn't have a chance to.

The art direction for the original Star Wars is nuts. It's all wacky and doesn't follow "rules" other than it makes sense to George. Ergo: It all fits. And "works" in the universe. Come on, the Millennium Falcon is insane but it make perfect sense in Star Wars!

So here's what I'm proposing: Take a shit ton of artists over to George's house and keep showing him ideas. If he likes it? Start throwing it on screen! That's how George works in real life. All the designs are done by other artists and George makes tweaks and approves.


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