Star Wars Battlefront II - Go Get It!

Just like in real life, you got to work for that good stuff!

Star Wars Battlefront II is great. Micro transactions? Suck.
I’ll make this easy. You want this game. Boom. Done. That was easy!

Full disclosure? I wanted this game to be good. I liked Star Wars Battlefront a lot. All I wanted from the sequel was more. More vehicles, more heroes, more weapons (pew pew pew. BLASTER FUN!) and more maps. Oh, and a story mode might be nice. Well, my friends THAT is the game that EA and Dice gave us. That is what I wanted, and they delivered. I couldn’t wait to shell out the sixty bucks to play. It’s all there. Downloaded last night on my PS4 and I’ve pretty much been blasting stuff ever since.

The Story missions are pretty good. You start as an elite soldier of the Empire. Defending the second Death Star shield generators against rebels. FUN. Won’t spoil anything cause we all know what happens but… it IS satisfying to find out why the Emperor’s ELITE unit shit the bed against teddy bears. (still bugs me. Eff that movie.) oh, well. Let it go.
Rebel scum killed? Many. Tie fighters piloted? Many. AT-AT walkers driven? Many? It’s a fun, fun game! What do you WANT?

Now let’s discuss multiplayer. Just like the previous Battlefront game, the Multiplayer matches are big. Really big. Like forty people big. FUN! Only now, there are more maps. Bigger maps. There is NO downside!

Oops, I lied… a little. There is a downside. Micro transactions. In the Game you’ll run across Loot Crates. Now, Loot Crates will have cool stuff inside. Better guns. Better armor. Stuff you’re gonna want… Maybe. See, the contents are supposed to be random. That’s half the fun. You find a loot crate, open that bad boy up and find out what you’ve won! HA!

Well, some genius at EA decided that people should be able to BUY loot crates. With real money. You wouldn’t have to grind it out in-game. You could just buy all the good stuff. All total? For about two grand you could have ALL the good stuff. And THAT, my friends, is what we call bullshit.

It’s a gamer/moral/ethical thing for me. I just don’t respect players that buy their way to the top. Don’t like it in real life… don’t like it in games. The Internet seems to agree with me on this one. People flipped when EA made the announcement. They have since halted plans for Micro transactions. They can always bring em’ back. Lots o money to be made. LOTS!

Here’s the bottom line. The games gonna set ya back sixty bucks. It’s worth it. Now maybe you want the best stuff. Well guess what? Just like in real life, you’re gonna have to work for it! So jump in and get started! Before they change their minds and let you buy it. That would be a shitty life lesson though, wouldn’t it? Ha!!

I’m Michael. I play on PS4. Don’t shoot me bro!


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