Songs That Changed Your Life: The Clash - 'London Calling' [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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The funny thing about this tune is a buddy of mine and me were driving around in high school when he found out I'd never heard a Clash song. Not one.

He made me pull the car to the side of the road as he fished his cassette tape out of his backpack. He didn't want me driving because he KNEW my mind was about to be blown. HA! Guess what? He was right.

This song; this album was like a nuke went off inside me. It hit hard and changed the way I thought about everything musically.

So a big shout out to my buddy David. And thanks for turning me on to The Clash.

I'm already excited to share other songs with ya. Hope you'll let me know what rocked your world when you discovered it. There are NO wrong answers! If you dig it? You dig it! Screw all the haters if they don't "get it." Ha!

-- The Mgmt

Here's another. I'll just keep adding them here. U2 "Two Hearts Beat As One"

The sound that Edge gets out the guitar are insane. (Please Edge, more of this please. ONE more album of this! Larry never stopped drumming with intensity. Adam STILL plays bass as hard as ever. So please, Edge, give up the chords and strumming and go back to beating the shit out of your guitar two strings at a time. We miss it!

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