'Some Good News' from John Krasinski and Others

Lisa Tate

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If it is one thing this time of “social distancing” has taught me, it is that some celebrities just can’t function without an entourage of assistants and sycophants paying constant attention to them.

Thankfully, this isn’t everyone. There are some actors and musicians out there using their familiar faces to shine the spotlight on the real heroes of this world, as well as letting us know there is still some good news to focus on.

Here’s three to check out.

John Krasinski’s #SomeGoodNews

This one is all over social media right now, and well it should be. The actor and director has created his own “nothing but good news” newscast that shares, well, good things.

This first episode highlighted some of the thankful responses people have had towards the global health community, as well as special “entertainment correspondent” for the day, Steve Carrell, celebrating the 15th anniversary of “The Office.” He concludes talking to a 15-year-old cancer survivor reacting to the rousing welcome home she received from her friends. You will laugh and get misty in that span of 15 minutes.

Chris Pratt Reminding Us We’re in It Together

Chris Pratt is what us non-celebrity types like to call “one of the good guys.” He is a big-time A-lister who still remembers he is just a human blessed with a really fun job. He regularly lifts up military and first responders, health care workers, and others on his social media platforms. He recently posted a call for our country to come together, sans any political affiliation.

“No casting blame, we have no time. Who will empower this change? It will require EVERYONE,” Pratt wrote. “The President. The House. The Senate. State officials. The armed services. Billionaire philanthropists. Community leaders. Teachers. Family members. Everyone of us. We are all being tested. When we look back on this season will our head be held high or hung in shame? Are we a nation of ones, or one nation? I pray the latter. I hope we rise.”

Good for him. Yes, Mr. Pratt, I hope we rise.

Steve Martin and Weird Al with Simple Serenades

I think we can all "Imagine" there have been some hits and horrible misses with celebrities trying to sing to people, but actual musicians doing what they do best has been effective. This doesn’t just include celebrity musicians. Regional symphony orchestras, vocalists and soloists have been hosting home concerts and sharing songs.

Two no-nonsense, non preaching, instrumental performances from some ”famous faces” I did appreciate included Steve Martin in his sweatpants bringing us some “banjo balm”…

…and Weird Al Yankovic rockin’ the accordion on his balcony….

It is very easy to get discouraged and down, even when there aren’t big scary invisible monsters out there. However, we should never forget it is still, through the actions of good people, a beautiful world, after all.

Header image capture #SomeGoodNews via YouTube.

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