So I Played Anthem. It's Fine. (Is that What We Want from a Game? Fine?)

Michael Loftus

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Full disclosure: I've only played Anthem for a couple hours. I haven't had a chance to fully immerse myself in the story...if there is one. This review is mostly about the first few levels and my intro to the game. So far? It's okay.

The comparisons to Destiny can't be overlooked or glossed over at all. Anthem is simply a different version of Destiny. Not better, maybe worse. But it's Destiny in an Iron Man suit. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

It's fine. Just kind of disappointing. Is this where we are with video games? You can give us anything and you give us a knock off of a game that's already been around for YEARS?

I don't want to rub it in too much, but here goes.

Mysterious alien force that no one understands? Check.

Last bastion of humanity? Check.

Four classes of heroes? Check.


Anthem is a complete sideways move for video games. Not better, just different. It's the Burger King of games.

The good news? It's fine.

The mechanics are good. The visuals and sound are great. While some of the sub-menus are a bit complex and confusing at first, I find myself adjusting pretty quickly. I have no major beefs with the actual gameplay. Well, maybe one. The loading screens do seem to take an awfully long time. Can't we figure this out? Why does everything take so long to load?

Beyond that? I'm having a good time flying around and shooting bad guys in my Iron Man/Destiny suit.

It just all feels so familiar. (Cause it IS!) It takes away any sense of wonder or newness. Destiny was NEW! What's gonna happen next? Anthem is a Deja Vu. Been there. Done that.

And Destiny wasn't exactly the cat's pajamas, either. It had major story problems and Anthem has story problems in spades!

Note to Game Developers: You can't just give creatures, cities, people, wacky names and sit back and say, "DONE! Look, I made Sci-Fi!"

It doesn't work that way! It has to MEAN something! If it doesn't? I don't care. And if players don't care? They're not invested. Emotionally OR financially. If you wanna sell me loot boxes? I better fucking care.

Will I keep playing Anthem? Sure. For a little bit. Why not? It's fine. Will I look forward to downloadable content? I want to kinda see what happens now with the original game. I'm praying for some kind of hook or story that will grab me. Not gonna hold my breath.

I'll be updating my Anthem review as I get farther into the game. Cause I'm not a dick. If they manage to steer this sucker into original territory, I'll let you know.

One last thing. Check out this trailer from Director Neill Blomkamp. It's good. I wanna play Neill's game. Because he's presented the SAME World in a way that I CARE about. Story, Story, Story!!


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