‘Slumbering’ First Book in C. S. Johnson’s 7-Book, Young Adult, Superhero Series

Paul Hair

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Introducing readers to artists and their works is one of our favorite things to do here at The Loftus Party. We’ve featured author C. S. Johnson’s books a few times already. But she’s such a prolific writer that there are even more for us to show you. Today it’s Slumbering, book one of her Starlight Chronicles, a superhero series for young adults.

Slumbering features sixteen-year-old Hamilton Dinger, a seemingly normal kid who leads “a charmed life.” He’s charismatic, an athletic star, and smart to boot. But that all changes when a meteor blasts into the city.

That meteor both unleashes his “longtime dormant supernatural abilities,” and some nasty villains. Hamilton (and a few allies) eventually become superheroes who defend Apollo City against these forces of evil.

“I [don’t] mind being a little shameless with my Starlight Chronicles series right now,” Johnson told The Loftus Party when asked about it. “Slumbering is at $0.99 (a special price),” she added, making it a great deal for readers who are looking for their next young adult adventure.

Better yet, for those who like to binge, the entire seven-book series is available. You can even buy books 1-4 as a box set.

And if you’re in the mood for nonfiction, Johnson has done that too. In fact, she just published Should I Go to College? What about Student Loan Debt? this week.

“I had a lot of mental stress and depression after I graduated and had to look for a job,” she said. “So I thought it was a great idea to not only help people decide whether or not to go to college, but also to educate them on their options, offer insights and helpful tips to get through school quickly, and help with that burden if it ever became too much for them to bear alone.”

She’d like to do something bigger with the book if everything goes according to her plans. Read what she said when The Loftus Party talked with her back in February.

So check out the Starlight Chronicles. And check out Should I Go to College? as well. Visit her website for more about Johnson and her books.

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