Should Brie Larson Step Aside from Being Captain Marvel?

Paul Hair

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Via Christian Toto at Hollywood in Toto:

. . . Why should a woman steeped in white privilege get to play a major figure like Captain Marvel? We’ve already seen Nick Fury and Johnny Storm, both white heroes in Marvel Comics, played by black actors (Samuel L. Jackson and Michael B. Jordan, respectively).

Few fans objected at the time. Today, there’s virtually zero outcry tied to those figures.

That means it’s time for a woman of color to be Carol Danvers. The first “Captain Marvel” is already in the proverbial can, but Larson can make a profound statement by saying, “I’ve decided an actress of color should play her in future MCU films.” . . .

Read the entire post at Hollywood in Toto.

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Header Image: Screenshot of Brie Larson as she appears in the first “Captain Marvel” trailer.