Say Goodbye to Noirvember with Some Noir Short Films

Lisa Tate

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The month of November is coming to a close, and so does my look at Noirvember with a few short films.These films range from award winning independent films to student made pieces, but the weirdest noir out there was made for robots…well sort of.


In 2016, Netflix made this weird noir piece for its programmers and algorithms as a sort of coding “test footage” to help improve the way the streaming service looks on 4K TVs. You can see the full film on Netflix if you’re a subscriber, but here’s a little about why and how it was made:

Unlucky Day

Think you’re having a bad day? At least you’re not the poor gal in this noir short. If you look at the awards it won this one “played well in Oklahoma,” but it's worth a look no matter where you're from.

The Pavement

Director Taylor Engel has had a couple good showings at events like South by Southwest (SXSW), but this poetic noir short made it in the top 10 of HBO’s Project Greenlight about five years ago, and was a Vimeo Staff Pick. Stick with this one…it isn’t what you think at first.

The Grey Gentleman

The cinematography isn’t as refined as some of the others featured here, but this award winner written and directed by Richard Corso shows what a talented student filmmaker can do with the genre.


This final choice from Brandon Christensesn includes everything that makes noir great. Smoky location. Beautiful black and white cinematography. The femme fatale. A lead character with a continuous inner monologue. Saxophone heavy jazz, and of course, a plot twist, all in three minutes.

Before Thanksgiving and Christmas duties get too hectic, take a little down time to stroll some smoky alleys, chat up that sultry dame or rugged private eye, and follow the mystery towards the conclusion of Noirvember.

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Header image capture from "The Stranger."

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