Saving the World One Old T-Shirt at a Time

Lisa Tate

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Other than checking in on Twitter to watch Ricky Gervais’s hilarious monologue, I admit I didn’t watch The Golden Globe Awards.

I’m just not that into entertainment award shows. I usually forget about them until after they have aired and read a list of winners. Takes all of five minutes of my time.

Honestly, and I’ve said this before, I think entertainment awards like The Oscars could save a lot of time and money if they forego the televised ceremonies and just call the winners in each category to have them pick up their trophies at their own convenience. Of course, they could opt to have them mailed to them if they like as well. Hey, they’re winners, after all!

However, when an award show happens and you do your morning social media and news check, it is all over the place, as were the Golden Globes. This one circulating Tweet from designer Stella McCartney gained a whole lot of attention:

No, I’m not going to address “climate change,” or even address the subject of this post, Joaquin Phoenix, except to say “congratulations,” because he was amazing in Joker (and pretty much everything else). What strikes me, and every other normal peon, is the fact a man wearing his favorite tuxedo more than once is news at all. And they wonder why we think movie people are "out of touch?"

They seem to think the rest of the world wears disposable, single-use clothes everywhere, choking the landfills with discarded formal wear.

Never is this divide between the red carpet strutters and those “behind the ropes” more defined than when it comes to fashion. Remember when everyone wore black to some awards ceremony in support of the #MeToo movement, and proudly showed off their five-figure custom gowns? Still not sure how that helped anything, but I guess it made them feel good.

If they are handing out medals for people rewearing clothes, most of us peasants could give these celebrities a lesson.

Okay, first I’ll start off by admitting there is one dress I only wore once: my wedding dress, and it was a one-of-a-kind exclusive (made by my late mom). She and my dad were married in my grandparents’ home, and she didn’t have a formal wedding dress to pass down. She made her own informal dress as well, and rewore it for several other events. However, my mom was a brilliant seamstress and designed me a dress from looking at a page in bridal magazine. Hopefully, one of my daughters will want to wear this dress at their wedding someday.

My husband, like most non-celebrity grooms, went beyond wearing one tux several times. He rented a tuxedo that had been worn by several other grooms, or prom and homecoming attendees, before him. It wasn’t even an entire tux. He rented a jacket, and bought some black jeans he continued to use for years into our marriage.

I love when men dress up in nice fitted suits and tuxes, but most guys have just a couple they continue to wear for as long as they can. Truth be told, most of them wear the same favorite t-shirt they had since high school, as long as they are able to stretch out the gut area each time they put it on. I heard one comedian talk about men wearing their favorite pair of underwear until there's nothing left but a waistband, and I can believe it.

Only this week did we all realize we are saving the planet by simply being normal. Yes, I refuse to follow the wasteful practice of throwing out old pants that don’t even fit me anymore, because as all women know, we will be able to get into them again, someday. Oh yes, it will happen. This is the year. I can feel it!

As for making sure my family follows these heroic rules, my girls’ long toddler pants turned into fashionable capris when they grew a few inches taller. And dresses that became too short were soon transformed into long flowing blouses if you wear them with leggings.

I have socks, shirts, and workout pants that have been darned and restitched so many times I am starting to look like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. I have concert tees I bought in the 80s that I still wear around the house, and shoes that are older than my teenager.

Right now, I’m wearing a pair of typing mitts I made out of old socks. They make me look like the love child of Cyndi Lauper and Bob Cratchit, but they keep me warm while I work.

So, paint me a little unimpressed because someone rewears an insanely expensive tuxedo that doesn’t look any different than what every other tuxedo-clad star is wearing.

I am ready (with about a million other unimportant non-celebrities) to collect the reward for saving the environment by not believing clothes are single use. Of course, I’ll be wearing my circa 1986 Stray Cats shirt to the ceremony, because it still rocks.

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