Ryan Reynolds's '6 Underground' Trailer [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Hey, hey, hey!! It's Ryan Reynolds! It's Michael Bay! It's...Netflix? What the what? The trailer for 6 Underground popped up on my suggested videos on YouTube and I took a peek. Looks good. Some classic Michael Bay action. Slo-mo. Sunsets. Shit tons of colors. Throw in some Ryan Reynolds and you got a fine looking trailer. I'd watch this. Then came the shocker... Netflix! Dayum!

How much money did this little diddy cost? Looks to me that Netflix legit wants in on that big blockbuster money. But can they do it? Do they have the dough to bankroll a couple big movies like this a year? It'd be cool. Competition is always good. And not every movie can be Disney/Marvel/Star Wars.

So good luck with 6 Underground, Netflix. But do me a favor, can ya? Still leave some room for the low budget indie stuff and some comedies. Lots of comedies. If EVERYONE goes big budget there'll be nothing left for the little guy.

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