Rockin' Skinless: Music Videos with Skeletons

Lisa Tate

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It's October, and the spooky, scary skeletons are out and about. Time to party, whether we venture out or stay home.

Here are five ways to make music videos that celebrate these bony bits that live inside our skin. (RELATED: The Evolution of Animation through Music Videos)

Get Tim Burton to Direct: "Bones"

The Killers captured the perfect vibe for this song by rounding up director Tim Burton to do what he does wonderful and weird. The Killers' lead singer Brandon Flowers told MTV News back in a 2006 interview they were just happy to let him do that. "It's Tim Burton. It's going to be great," Flowers said. "There are some skeletons, some darkness and some romance. What more could you want?"

Bust out the Black Light Effect: "All Night"

It seems only natural that at least one song from an album entitled Skeletons will have some skellys in it, and the Brothers Osborne had some fun getting the full carnival ride look going on for this one. This effect doesn't kick in until about the three minute mark, but it's still a great party song, pretty much like everything these guys do.

Have a Life Changing Vision at a Museum: "Hey Boy Hey Girl"

The Chemical Brothers' electronic music is always good for helping to stay up all night, but here's a video that goes from Hogwarts to Kinky Horror Rave in a blink of a bony orbit.

Go full Cosplay...the "Gerard Way" Way

Skulls and skeletons pop up in many of My Chemical Romance's project, but one standout perfect for Halloween is from frontman Gerard Way's "Baby You're A Haunted House," featuring good old rubber skeleton masks and "Sing-Along" fun.

However, I would be the target of much anger from my 18-year-old if I also didn't include My Chemical Romance's video that defined the look of skeleton masks, makeup, and decor for a generation of emos: "Welcome to The Black Parade"...and yes we all know it by heart....

"We'll carry on...We'll carry on...And though you're dead and gone, believe me...Your memory will carry on...." Sorry, got carried away.

Play with Some Kitschy Catrinas: "Dead Man's Party"

Saving a classic for last, here's the amazing Danny Elfman and his band Oingo Boingo with a video that does some nifty stop motion with the classic curio shop Dia de Los Muertos calaveras and catrinas. I wish it didn't include movie clips from Back to School, but hey, it was the 80s.

Next week, I'll continue to "dig up" some more Halloween music video fun, as well.

I know you're looking forward to that...I can feel it in my bones.

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