Ricky Gervais Didn't Hold Back at the Golden Globes! Watch! [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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This is Ricky's fifth time to host the Golden Globes and the fifth time he hasn't backed down. Good for him!

In this increasingly PC world, Gervais still lets it rip. Will he ever host the Oscars? Doubt it. This is a Foreign Press Event and seems to have less advertising dollars to lose. However it WILL be interesting to see the ratings from this year's Globes. What will America think of this "No holds barred" style? I dug it.

Would I want this EVERY award show? Nope. Very few comics can do what Ricky does. He tells jokes that are edgy and cutting with a sense of charm and fun that somehow disarms them. When Ricky throws grenades it doesn't come across as hurtful and that's a skill that can't be taught. You either got it or ya don't.

Well done, Gervais. Please continue to let em' rip. -- The Mgmt

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