Remembering Neil Peart & Rush - 'Red Barchetta' [VIDEO]

Rush - Red Barchetta (Live (1980/Canada))
Rush - Red Barchetta (Live (1980/Canada))

Amazon: Music video by Rush performing Red Barchetta. (C) 1981 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Michael Loftus

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The world of music breaks down into two camps: Those who dig Rush, and those who don't. I fall into the latter. Never dig it. Rush was never my jam. However I got nothing but respect for those hard rocking dudes from Canada. They blazed their own path. They did their own thing and stuck to their guns like madmen! Much respect.

Sadly, we were all robbed by the death of Neil Peart recently. He had brain cancer. It's a huge loss. And I didn't even dig the band! I liked what they stood for: Fierce Originality. They didn't sound like anyone else to me. (Please, save your "Triumph" comments for below.) Neil was not only the drummer, he was also the main lyricist. Who else in rock can say that? The drummer writes the songs. (We see you Phil Collins.) It's pretty badass.

Now we can fight: Was Neil Peart the greatest drummer? That all depends. For my money, no. Yes, he was insanely talented and an unbelievable technician. So, if you're on that side of things, sure. I'll give you that, hands down. Bit gimme a "sloppy" John Bonham or Keith Moon any day. Dudes just oozed soul and passion. We can argue technique till the cows come home. I'm always gonna go with what stirs your soul.

Maybe that's Neil? Maybe that's Rush? I'm cool with that. You do you.

And in the greatest of all time argument we have to leave room for Charlie Watts and Ringo. Probably the best "less is more" dudes EVER! Gimme Charlie! Gimme Ringo! Fucking great players!! But I digress.

I wanted to include a video with this piece. Had to be live too. That's the biggie with great drummers. Can they crush it live? Neil certainly could. Dude puts on a master class.

Tom Sawyer has been played to death so I chose "Red Barchetta." I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard this on the radio as a kid. Not allowed to turn the station or my older brothers would end my life. They were HUGE Rush fans. I wasn't. But I can still dig the greatness.

RIP Neil Peart. You will be missed.

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I wrote a report on RUSH in the eighth grade. How time flies.