Rare 1977 Interview with Alec Guiness on Star Wars & His Piece of the Profits!

Michael Loftus

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Who knew Star Wars would be as big as it is? Certainly looks like Sir Alec Guiness didn't. But he DID get his share of the rewards. Good for him!

I dig ol' Obi Wan. This is the first interview I've stumbled upon where he discusses his part in Star Wars and its success. I don't want to spoil the video (which I hope you watch) but it's kind of nice to know that Hollywood hasn't changed. They still want to screw over everybody. Even a Knight. Hell, a REAL Knight AND a Jedi Knight!

Word on the street in la-la land is that George Lucas is very generous with his actors and this seems to back that up. However, I'd love to know more specific of Sir Alec's script notes. What changes did he make? And why? Fun stuff to think about if you're a fan. And I am.

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