Random Awesomeness: Mongolian Heavy Metal. The HU is Badass AF! [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Some days being a part of a website like this are better than others. Today is a very good day. We found out about The HU. A Mongolian Heavy Metal band. More on them in sec.

This is the kind I just fucking love about TheLoftusParty.com. It's weird shit like this! People turning other people on to new things! It's outstanding!

It's a great symbol of the kind of thing I've always envisioned for the site: a free exchange of ideas and cool shit! Today it's The HU. What's it gonna be tomorrow? I don't fucking know. I just know I'm excited about it!

Sure there's politics here, but we also want ALL THE OTHER STUFF THAT MAKES LIFE AWESOME!

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So, The Hu. Check this shit out. These dudes got together in 2016 and have crushed YouTube with their first two videos.

They play traditional Mongolian instruments and use old school Mongolian throat singing. It's original and completely badass. I was a fan after the first chorus. It's fucking out there and I love it!

The Hu calls their style of music Hunnu Rock. Hu is the Mongolian word for "human." How cool is that? We just learned a Mongolian word! Congrats, my fellow hu!

They plan to have a studio album ready this year and I am stoked! Hope you are too! If you're not? At least you know how to say human in Mongol now. So this wasn't a complete waste. HA!

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