Queer Wonder Woman Vs. The First Transgender Superhuman

Paul Hair

DC Comics has decided to make Wonder Woman queer. This follows contemporary trends. But if youre interested in fiction that bucks convention, read, The First Transgender Superhuman.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that filmmakers are making a documentary about the creator of Wonder Woman, which focuses on how he and his wife had a sexual relation with another woman.

Prior to that, the Los Angeles Times reported that the creators at DC Comics have turned Wonder Woman queer.

> In an extensiveinterview with Comicosity, Rucka is asked specifically whether the Wonder Woman introduced in Year One is queer. After getting clarification that queer, in this instance, means as involving, although not necessarily exclusively, romantic and/or sexual interest toward persons of the same gender, Rucka answered in the affirmative.

> Yes, Rucka said. I think its more complicated though. This is inherently the problem with Diana: Weve had a long history of people for a variety of reasons, including sometimes pure titillation, which I think is the worst reason say, Ooo. Look. Its the Amazons. Theyre gay!

Wonder Woman has always been a bizarre character. You can see what I mean by the images at the end of the post. Ive helpfully scanned them from Wonder Woman Archives, Volume 2 from DC Comics. (The images are panels from Wonder Woman #3, which was originally published in 1943.)

But, like it or not, she was not created as a character who likes to have sex with other women.

Nevertheless, the change to her character follows modern-day trends. But The First Transgender Superhuman goes in an opposite direction.

Last post I wrote about my book called, Mortal Gods: Ignition. Its a collection of three prose, short stories about superhumans (not superheroes) in the real world. The second tale is called, The First Transgender Superhuman.

Read the start of it for free at Liberty Island. Once you do, you might wonder how the concept of a transgender superhuman comes into play in the plot. I assure you it doesbut you have to read the entire story to find out.

And I also can assure you that the way it factors into the story is different from what you will find in Wonder Woman, DC Comics, or anywhere else.

Queering Wonder Woman will be played off as being edgy and progressive. Whatever. If you really want something edgy and different, read The First Transgender Superhuman.

And read the rest of what Im doing in the world of fiction.