Pulp Fiction Author Bypasses ‘Publishing Cartel’

Paul Hair

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Via me at Hollywood in Toto:

. . . HiT: Why’d you write The Retreads series and what’s it about without giving away too much of the plot(s)?

Brown: I didn’t anticipate making it a series, initially.

Between 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq, I had considered going back into uniform, but my knees and back were pretty well FUBARed from before, and my tolerance for Dumb S**t had shrunken considerably.

My subconscious mind must have been invested in the idea, though, because I often dreamed about being back in the Airborne.

One dream (not quite a nightmare) featured a fairly vivid firefight. I built a story around that scene and eventually titled the resulting novel “Hell and Gone.”

It’s about a team of Gulf War One veterans on a mission to recapture a tactical nuke. I didn’t know how common that “stolen nuke” plot was, or would become. I chose it, and many other elements of the story, based on unclassified intelligence reports I was privy to at the time.

For years, no agent or editor would read it. In 2010, I decided to take advantage of the digital revolution and outflank the New York Publishing Cartel altogether. . . .

Read the entire interview at Hollywood in Toto.

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