Politics-Free Laughs for Summer Part Deux: Shorts

I'm devoting the month of June to sharing some wonderful politics-free comedy. This week: Short films.

Last week, I shared some comedy-sans-politics stand-up for the month of June, featuring James Veitch, Donald Glover and Jim Breuer.

This week, I'm focusing on the underappreciated medium of short films, with three pieces packing a lot of yuks into a short time.

The Gunfighter

Not to be confused with Stephen King's The Gunslinger, this 2014 short by Eric Kissack was made for about $25,000 and was selected for several film festivals. What if the narrator of the classic spaghetti western revealed a little too much about the characters? Well, if that narrator is voiced by Nick Offerman, the result is hilariously raw.

Another great piece by Kissack is Werewolves, which he did for "Geek and Sundry" during Halloween with geeky mainstays like Felicia Day.

One-Minute Time Machine

Here's a peek at a little device every single guy wishes he had at his disposal...or does he? This film was selected for the 2015 Sploid Short Film Festival, and gives A/V geeks their own romantic comedy with a twist. Starring Erinn Hayes from Kevin Can Wait and The Dangerous Book for Boys, and NCIS regular Brian Dietzen.

I'm You, Dickhead

Just in case you didn't pay attention to the One-Minute Time Machine, here's a U.K take on time travel that affirms three things:

  1. If given the wherewithal of time travel, guys will use it get laid.
  2. There will be some extreme side effects to take into account, and
  3. It will not go well.

Therefore, for the love of all that is holy, please don't attempt time travel, but do pass the time watching this piece by Lucas Testro, who also showed us how hard it is to find good sidekicks in the superhero world with his short film, Capes.

Next week: Fun with Voice Actors.

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Gordon Kushner
Gordon Kushner


The Gunfighter is hilarious! Thanks for finding these gems.