Politics-Free Laughs for Summer Act III: Fun With Voice Talent

I'm devoting the month of June to sharing some wonderful politics-free comedy. This week: Fun with Voice Actors

The first two weeks of June, I've been sharing how comedy doesn't have to take a harsh political stance to be hilarious from stand up acts the first week to film shorts last week.

This week, I want to look at some of my favorite people in the movie and television business whose jobs I would love to have...the voice actors. I've talked with voice actors, watched them work their magic bringing characters to life, and both admire and envy that talent.

Here's three little laughs showing what unique and terrific senses of humor and timing these folk have:

Pinky and the Strange

Voice actor Rob Paulsen is known by Animaniacs lovers as the voice of Pinky in Pinky and the Brain, and he has been putting together some great voice mashups in his "Talkin' Toons" series for Nerdist including Batman Meets Monty Python featuring longtime animated Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, and Cinderella as Grand Moff Tarkin, with the help of voice talent Jennifer Hale. Here's one for Marvel fans where Paulsen goes full Pinky as Doctor Strange, with actor Clancy Brown portraying villain Dormammu in his Trollhunter Gunmar voice. I recommend falling down the rabbit hole and enjoying all of Paulsens' 'Toon fun.

Batman's ABC's

Comic actor Will Arnett's LEGO Batman portrayal is consistently laugh-out-loud funny, but was he up the challenge posed by BBC Radio 1 asking him to prank call a toy shop in full character? Sounds easy enough for a trained actor, but he had the added challenge of having to start each sentence with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet and still keep up the ruse. Watch him do it effortlessly...with some accompanying animation.

Seth Does Bobcat

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is outspoken about his politics, ad nauseam. Admittedly, that's what helped make him rich. However, when he puts his politics aside and just does what he is best at...manipulating is multi dimensional voice...he shines. Here he is taking on some celebrity impressions for Jimmy Fallon's recurring "Wheel of impressions" bit.

MacFarlane also has one of the most amazing singing voices I've ever heard...no really! Before next week, here's a comedy sorbet of MacFarlane actually taking something seriously...crooning some Sinatra like a boss.

Next week: Music Video Mayhem