'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood:' Why I'm Bummed (No Spoilers)

Michael Loftus

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No, I haven't seen Quentin Tarantino's latest flick and I'm already bummed. I will explain. This isn't some kind of hit piece either. I really dig Mr. Tarantino's work. Almost all of it. Dude takes chances. Some are home runs and some are singles. What are you gonna do, bitch about a guy trying? No. So on that score we're all good. I'm just bummed about his latest.

When I saw the trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood I was sincerely stoked. Couldn't post it to the TLP site fast enough. Brad Pitt has really come into his own. DiCaprio has come a long way too. With Tarantino writing and directing? A movie about Hollywood in 1969! Shut the front DOOR! I am ALL IN! Then history had to rear its ugly head.

Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate. Shit. Not the Margot Robbie part. She's fantastic. It's the Sharon Tate of it all. Wherever there's Sharon Tate there's insane levels of sadness. And it's always accompanied by Charlie Manson. And we all know what happens. So I'm out.

Now I must remind you, dear reader, I haven't seem the film. And Quentin Tarantino doesn't have a hard time with playing with history. How great was it when he shot up Hitler and a theater full of Nazis? Fantastic! Loved it! That's what I'm gonna need from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. For real. Brad Pitt or somebody needs to kill Charles Manson and save Sharon Tate. I want THAT. The real events are still too much to take. And I'm done with Hollywood glorifying Manson and his cronies.

You see, I'm not fascinated with Manson. I'm really, really tired of Hollywood making movies about this dude. Even if it's just a side character thing. Please stop. They've been writing books and making movies about this asshole for decades. Move on.

Before you even start, yes I know all the "interesting" crap about Manson. The Beach Boys. The music. The sex. The ranch. The record producer...blah, blah, blah. I am not fascinated with this guy at all. Let's give it a rest. We need to. I happen to be one of those people that thinks the more we glorify mass murderers, the more people will be inclined to become mass murderers. You'll be dead but you'll be famous! Maybe they'll make movies about you like they did with Charlie Manson. Screw that. Let's think about the victims. Those poor souls. Let's remember them!

Which brings me to the Sharon Tate of it all. She had everything going for her. Beautiful, talented, starting a family. It's heartbreaking. Not sure I want to go see a flick that will just bum me out as soon as she's on screen. I know how it ends for her. It's HORRIBLE. So yeah, I'm jazzed about watching Pitt and DiCaprio tear it up in Hollywood back in the day and fight Bruce Lee. Get into adventures and shit, but until I hear that they kill Charlie Manson and Sharon Tate lives...I'm gonna be bummed.

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